Friday, January 29, 2010

Little Pumpkin

So we have not posted to this blog in a while...opps. First we moved to a new home and almost got settled when I heard "I'm pregnant". 9 months later our beautiful daughter Bennett is born. Now that she is almost 9 months old, we are at the point where we are comfortable and used to having a baby. Of course, being the first time parents we are, there are LOTS of pictures however I will not attempt to post 8 months worth of pictures at this time. I decided to just post some of the pictures we took of Bennett in her Halloween outfit that Grandma Kracht made for her.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Mark, Jessica and Kelsey

A few weeks ago I was asked by my best friend Mark and his wife to get a family picture for their Christmas Card this year. I thought I would take the opportunity to make it more of a family photo shoot and I am glad I did. Lauren and I had so much fun with it and got some outstanding pictures.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Another Pet ?????

Lauren brought home another animal. I found out by finding the puppy dog formula in our refrigerator. I asked her what it was there for and she told me that we now have another member to our family. My first reaction was...where in the world can that big ol' Great Dane be hiding? She must have seen the concern in my eyes because she didn't wait too long before telling me that she is only taking care of a squirrel for work and not to worry.

Lauren feeding squirrel

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

"Sun" Diego

It has been one wonderful year!......mostly!

Our anniversary, however, was perfect. We went to "Sun" Diego, a.k.a. San Diego, CA for 5 days. From the moment that we got there to the last second we left, it was always sunny. It was exceptionally good for "the wife"....happy weather that always makes you feel good and not to mention warm. We went to the zoo which was of course my favorite, Balboa Park, Influx cafe, and much more. It was awesome to get to see my only cousin, Gina, and I was very excited when she got to pick us up from the airport. It felt just like home while we were there and I almost forgot that we had to leave.  Aaron would not let me stay so I was fussy all the way to NC.

Altogether, it was absolutely wonderful and we were so blessed to have the opportunity to see another great place in the US. We can't wait until our next extravaganza. 

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Race cars!

It was a long time coming, someone would eventually beat the world record and race car driver H.N. Gwyn has crushed it. After his unfathomable achievement, around the track in 42.3 secs, he has become the most noticeable driver in history and is being inducted into the NASCAR Hall of Fame later this year.

His family was standing anxiously on the sidelines and quietly awaiting the start of what would later be remembered as "Gywn day of Gorly". Once in the race car the whole world stopped to watch H.N Gwyn race lighting fast around Lowe's Motor Speedway. Without a doubt it would make history. His unique style and cunning reflexes allowed him to sneak by all of this competitors within just seconds. After taking the lead, he advanced so far ahead that nothing would be able to stop this unstoppable fortress. Then, within seconds, it was over and Gwyn claimed a historical victory. But with accomplishments, there also comes sadness. It will be Gywns last time on the race track. He will be retiring from his long life love but we will never forget this moment in time when the unthinkable really happened.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

First Christmas Tree

Lauren and I went to get our first Christmas Tree while we were in Newland, NC for Thanksgiving. The "Choose & Cut" tree lot that we went to is right down the street from where Lauren grew up. I was very surprised at how nice the trees were. The only problem that Lauren and I had was on the size of the tree.

This is our first Christmas Tree.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Lynchburg, VA

Aaron and I went to a romantic little town just north of Smith Mountain lake to experience some culture that has long been forgotten. Lynchburg is a very unique town with it's "Charleston" like three story building which are lining up on an old and battered cobble stone road. Antique shops were around every corner begging for us to see the sweet little treasures that they process inside. If you know Aaron and I well enough then you would know that this was so very exciting to see lovely antiques, such as chairs, bookcases, and a sweet little stepping stool, at what one may say is a reasonable price. My favorite was the rather tall full length mirror that was made of dark cherry wood and was with as much detail as a complete novel. In my mind it would go perfectly with the antique bed frame that one day we will house in our bedroom. Aaron on the other hand noticed the hat/ umbrella rack complete with a mirror and two tiny drawers which I assume hold car keys and maybe some papers. This was also exciting in thought that one day we will actually have a door that it can stand next to. In the end it was exceptionally satisfying to see so many wonderful pieces of "gold". And with our next journey we adventured into a warm and inviting bookstore just next door. There was a collection of C.S. Lewis, ancient books which I did not want to touch, and probable the only complete 128 volumes, unopened and unread series about some war....(?) It also contained a Einstein looking of a man, no doubt to be a professor of some sort which I thought to be the owner. Altogether this was another great find in our sweet little town. There were other great sites like the memorial (home of the most unique snails (see picture below), a very large bright red high heel shoe mounted on the side of a hotel (this strangely reminds me of High Point), and not to forget the very explosive water fountain that is always running 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. It is suggested that this water tower marks Lynchburg, I however feel like this is no comparison to Lynchburg's ability to escape from our present day and into a time that no doubt was an extraordinary ROMANTIC town!!